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Ever faced the frustrating challenge of your Dyson Ball vacuum not gliding as effortlessly as it should and wondered, why is my Dyson ball not rolling smoothly? Today, we’re delving into the mystery of this less-than-smooth operation.

Picture this: your innovative cleaning companion seemingly hits a roadblock in its smooth journey across your floors. Before you declare a cleaning emergency, we’re about to explore the potential culprits behind this less-than-fluid motion. From tangled debris in the brush roll to issues with the ball technology, join us on this troubleshooting expedition.

Get ready to turn your Dyson Ball into a nimble dancer once again, effortlessly waltzing through your cleaning routine.

So, why the bumpy ride? Let’s uncover the causes and guide your Dyson Ball back to smooth, efficient operation!

10 Reasons Why Dyson Ball Vacuum Not Spinning

Without figuring out the causes of the issue, attempts to solve it may be misdirected, wasting time and money. So let’s identify the underlying causes of those troubles before we get ready to address the Dyson issue. We’ve included some of the main causes for your Dyson ball not rolling smoothly below that are somehow connected:

  1. Damaged Ball Shell
  2. Dirty or entangled burh bar
  3. Displaced Filter
  4. Improper Maintenance
  5. Blocked Ventilation
  6. Overheated Vacuum
  7. Debris/Clogging
  8. Damaged Components
  9. Upright storage position
  10. Wrong floor setting

Damaged Ball Shell

So let us take the First things first. If your vacuum ball is not dragging or rolling, there’s a possibility the vacuum’s ball shell may be damaged. 

Dirty Or Entangled Burh Bar

dirty and entangled brush bar

Your Dyson’s brush bar could be clogged with dust or debris, or there’s a risk that it’s tangled in hair, threads, or string, which would also prevent the vacuum from rolling smoothly.

Displaced Filter

The displacement of the filter inside the ball is another typical cause of this issue. Sometimes the vacuum’s filter shifts, which makes it difficult to push the vacuum on the areas you’re cleaning.

Improper Maintenance

Everything and anything needs to be well maintained. And it’s possible that your Dyson is acting badly because you aren’t giving it the correct care. It is an everyday thing when users frequently use but do not maintain vacuums.

In case you do not establish or maintain it, the bin may occasionally become overused owing to the heavy intake of particles and other things, affecting the filter inside the ball.

Blocked Ventilation

Let’s look at one of the other causes of your vacuum’s poor condition. Your filter is probably the problem if the Dyson ball doesn’t roll smoothly or stops moving in the worst-case scenario. When your vacuum cleaner’s filters are full (of dust), they function as a barrier, obstructing the ventilation system on your Dyson.

Overheated Vacuum

overheated vacuum

Overheating might occasionally be the root of your issue. Again, this mostly happens when the filters on your Dyson vacuum become clogged with dirt wrapped around them. Because of the wrapped junk, your roller cannot spin, which eventually causes your vacuum to overheat.

The motor of your vacuum cleaner will shut off if it detects overheating, thanks to a thermal mechanism found in newer models of vacuum cleaners. The motor will shut off from overheating if your vacuum’s filters are clogged.


Your Dyson vacuum cleaner will undoubtedly encounter dust and particles from all sources if you use it frequently. Additionally, this debris becomes stuck inside your vacuum. 

Also, the trapped dust makes it challenging to roll the Dyson ball on carpet or other shaggy surfaces. If it isn’t cleaned frequently, the ball will fill up with more junk and become damaged when overloaded.

Damaged Components

Like the ball shell, Your Dyson vacuum cleaner will have problems rolling itself smoothly if the other parts, like the soleplate and slider, are broken or cracked.

Upright Storage Position

Dyson balls are made to run across various floors, including carpet, wood, and even linoleum. But what happens when your upright vacuum cleaner loses its ability to run smoothly? The vacuum won’t spin if you don’t remove it from the upright storage position.

Wrong Floor Setting

wrong floor setting

The final possibility is that your vacuum’s flooring setting is incorrect. Your vacuum might be set on the hardwood setting if you notice that it has suction but is not rolling smoothly on your carpet. 

Troubleshooting The Problem With The Dyson Ball Not Rolling Smoothly

Let’s get ready to fix the problematic areas. Below we have discussed the techniques:

  • Turn your cleaner over and carefully cut away anything that might prevent the ball or brush from spinning if the issue is with the brush. You can remove any visible strings or hairs with scissors if necessary. After cleaning, if the brush still won’t spin, you’ll need to open the brush head and take the roller out. If there is still material obstructing movement, you can see everything after removing the roller and assess the situation.
  • The soleplate – one of the other components of your vacuum keeps the brush bar linked, so if you discover that it is broken, you need to replace it. With just one click, you can get the best soleplate replacements for your Dyson. Once it has been changed, your Dyson should once again run well.
  • Simply switching the slider from max to min and retesting the system will resolve the problem with the slider. This quick inspection could mean the difference between a cleaner that moves smoothly and one that doesn’t.
  • You only need to remove the debris from your debris bin if your Dyson vacuum is overheating. Clean the dust from the center cyclone once the bin has been emptied. To fix this problem, you must next clean or replace your filters.
  • You may clean the dirty filters by putting them under cold water. After the water has run clear, allow the washed filters to dry thoroughly before reinstalling them. If it has been more than a year since your last replacement, you might also need to completely replace the filters.
  • You can change the cord if your vacuum has short or cord damage. It takes some experience to replace the power cord. If you are experiencing power problems, you should send your vacuum for repairs. But if you’re a little mechanically inclined, you can do it rather quickly.
  • As we previously stated, the vacuum will not spin if you do not remove it from the upright storage position. Press the button on the vacuum’s center back to release the head, and it should function smoothly and as expected.
  • Find the switch marked “hardwood/carpet” on the side of the vacuum to adjust the incorrect flooring setting.
  • You have two choices if none of these troubleshooting techniques have worked. You can buy a new vacuum or request a professional repair from Dyson. If your vacuum cleaner develops any cracks or damaged parts, the reasonable course of action would be to take it to a service center for maintenance and repair of the broken parts.

Regular cleaning and thorough maintenance should be done sometimes to ensure that none of these issues ever arise.

What Is The Significance Of Dyson Ball Maintenance?

Our investigation into all potential causes and solutions for your issue has only pointed us toward maintenance as a viable option. Debris is unlikely to accumulate in your vacuum if you clean and maintain it properly. Consequently enabling the vacuum’s filter to operate as intended. 

Another justification is the money you’ll save by keeping your vacuum in good working order. The filtration in your vacuum is probably ruined if you don’t maintain it. When you could have maintained the previous filter and utilized it for another three to four years, you’ll wind up spending a lot of money on a new filter.

You can keep an eye out for any broken vacuum cleaner parts while doing its maintenance.


  • Regular maintenance ensures optimal suction power and effective cleaning performance.
  • Proper care extends the life of filters and components, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


  • Regular maintenance requires time and effort, which some users might find inconvenient.
  • Maintenance tasks might involve technical steps, leading to confusion or incorrect procedures.

How To Adjust The Level On A Dyson Vacuum – 5 Steps

how to adjust the level on a dyson vacuum

As previously mentioned, Dyson vacuums can clean various floors, including carpet and linoleum. So you must learn how to adjust the level of your Dyson vacuum to maintain it functioning properly for the specific cleaning floors. The simple steps you can try to take are listed below:

  • Stand behind your vacuum.
  • Turn the switch on that is just above the canister handle. 
  • Put one foot on either side of the vacuum’s front corner and pull the handle in your direction. The vacuum is now prepared to clean.
  • To find the level adjustment switch on the vacuum, look down toward the right side of the suction base. There will be two options for this switch, “bare floors” and “carpets“.
  • To change the vacuum level to clean carpets, move the switch forward. To clean bare floors, leave the switch in its default position.

Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum Head Not Spinning

There are numerous models of vacuums from Dyson. Although they are built differently, the troubleshooting advice is always the same. The architecture of different Dyson models typically differs the most. The main difference in troubleshooting when it comes to parts and filters is how to disassemble the vacuum. In this article, we’ll go over how to disassemble a dyson ball animal vacuum for cleaning and maintenance.

There are two filters in this ball vacuum model. Although they are in the same location, the filters differ in shape. By releasing the cover on the side of the ball, you can remove the second filter. Rotate the filter one-quarter anticlockwise to remove it. You can clean the vacuum head like we mentioned above and get to the filters. Once you have correctly removed the filter to clean the head, your Dyson ball animal vacuum head not spinning issue will be resolved. 

How To Clean A Dyson Animal Upright Ball

How Long Does A Dyson Vacuum Last?

The longevity of a Dyson vacuum depends on various factors, including the model, usage frequency, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained Dyson vacuum can last between 7 to 10 years. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters, emptying dustbins, and checking for any blockages, is crucial for preserving its performance. Dyson offers a range of vacuum models, each with different features and capabilities, so the specific lifespan may vary. The durability and innovative technology associated with Dyson vacuums contribute to their reputation for lasting longer than some other brands. However, individual experiences may vary based on usage patterns and adherence to proper care and maintenance practices.


You now have comprehensive information on the causes of the Dyson ball not rolling smoothly and solutions. Only a few things could cause your Dyson ball vacuum to stop spinning. Check for debris in your vacuum head or brush bar first, and disassemble it if necessary. Even with debris hidden within the frame, issues can still arise.

Try checking and cleaning the filters and debris bin next. The power cable and vacuum settings should also be checked if your vacuum still won’t start. Be aware that to prevent future vacuum issues, it is crucial to regularly maintain your vacuum.


Why is the roller not spinning on my Dyson?

There might be issues with dirty brush bars. Most jammed or stuck brush bars can be quickly and easily fixed by gently removing the obstruction from the brush bar. Alternatively, if a serious obstruction needs to be removed, you can quickly perform maintenance by pulling the brush bar out of the housing.

How do I reset my brush roller?

The brush roll may have debris or other entanglements that prevent rotation. To fix it, you must take the brush roll off to inspect. Make sure your vacuum is switched off first.

How do I know if my Dyson Ball is clogged?

Inspection of the interior hose and duct is necessary. Look for obstacles and confirm that the seal is properly positioned in the entry duct hatch. Check for obstructions after lowering the red internal hose collar and unclipping it.

Is the Dyson Ball filter washable?

filters of the dyson ball vacuum

Only wash filters in cold water. Avoid using detergent and avoid using a dishwasher or washing machine to clean. Following a rinse under the water supply, gently squeeze the water from the filter. Keep doing this until the water is clear.

What is the GREY button on Dyson Animal 2?

The baseplate roller for the vacuum is turned on or off by the button. Enables you to use the roller on hard floor surfaces without it whirling.

How to stop the loud sound from a Dyson vacuum?

To reduce the loud sound from a Dyson vacuum, check for blockages in the hose or brush bar, clean filters, and ensure all parts are properly assembled. If the noise persists, contact Dyson customer support.

What should I do if my Dyson vacuum stops working?

If your Dyson vacuum stops working, check for clogs, empty the dustbin, and ensure the power source is functioning. If issues persist, consult the user manual for troubleshooting steps or contact Dyson customer support for assistance.

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