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Looking to part ways with your trusty old vacuum cleaner and wondering, who buys old vacuum cleaners? Today, we’re exploring avenues to pass on your cleaning companion to a new home. Picture this: your vacuum finding a second life with someone who sees its value. You can consider selling your old vacuum through online platforms like auction sites, classified ads, or even specialized websites that buy and sell used appliances.

Local appliance stores, thrift shops, or donation centers may also accept gently used vacuums. Additionally, consider reaching out to recycling centers for environmentally responsible disposal.

Join us on this journey of giving your vacuum a new purpose, ensuring that someone else benefits from its cleaning prowess!

What Are The Benefits Of Selling My Vacuum Cleaner?

what are the benefits of selling my vacuum cleaner

Before we get to your question: who buys old vacuum cleaners, let’s consider why selling your old vacuum cleaner is a good idea. It will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you are doing the right thing. Let’s explore some of its numerous advantages:

  • Fortunately, selling an old or used vacuum cleaner can help reduce the amount of e-waste in landfills and help stop additional environmental damage.
  • Selling old vacuum cleaners is especially advantageous for persons trying to lessen their negative environmental effects because it lowers the need for brand-new products. It aids in lowering the energy and priceless resources used to manufacture new vacuum cleaners. Therefore, choosing to sell old devices will also aid the environment.
  • Selling your vacuum has the obvious advantage of generating some additional money. Depending on the model, age, and condition of the electronic device you no longer want, you can obtain a nice return on your investment.

Who Buys Old Vacuum Cleaner

After reading the benefits listed above, you must be very motivated to sell your vacuum cleaner. So, now that you’ve decided to sell your vacuum cleaner, a question like who buys old vacuum cleaners or where can I sell my vacuum cleaner may pop into your head. Do not worry; we will provide you with all the information you need, as we promised in this post. So, here we are:

  • Some people have a limited budget or do not want to spend a big portion of their monthly salary on a vacuum cleaner. These are the ones who will undoubtedly choose to get a used vacuum because these vacuums can be up to 50% less expensive than a new one.
  • Many other types of people desire to contribute to protecting the environment and natural resources. Therefore, they will undoubtedly choose to buy a used vacuum because it lowers the amount of e-waste.
  • Older goods are preferred by those who want to support local companies.
  • Some companies no longer produce some previously manufactured products or versions, but there must still be consumers for those products, so your old vacuum might be what someone is looking for.

Below we have discussed in detail The platforms where there are increased chances that customers may buy your old products. 

Who Buys Old Vacuum CleanersReasons
Budget-conscious individualsUsed vacuums are up to 50% cheaper than new ones
Environmentally-conscious individualsBuying used reduces e-waste and conserves resources
Supporters of local businessesPreference for older goods to support local companies
Seekers of discontinued productsSome products are no longer in production, creating demand for older versions
Table: Demographic Categories Interested In Buying Old Vacuum Cleaners

Where Can I Sell My Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you know there are still buyers for your used vacuum cleaners, the question of where can I sell my vacuum cleaner arises. Let’s look at some options:

Because of online shopping, marketing is now a very simple task. Selling your old vacuum is simply because so many online marketplaces will sell your product for you. All you have to do is list your items, and you’re good to go.

You can receive money in exchange for your devices on websites like eBay and Craigslist. Many retailers, like Amazon, now have trade-in alternatives that let you send your old vacuum in exchange for a store gift card. Many businesses/sites also restore old vacuums; they would undoubtedly be pleased to accept your unwanted gadgets.

Furthermore, using these sites to sell your vacuum cleaner will make it appear in good condition and increase the likelihood of selling it quickly. To better assist you, below is a list of platforms where you can sell your vacuum:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Groups
  • OfferUp 
  • 5Miles
  • Listia
  • Classifieds

Facebook Marketplace

On Facebook, people can search for, buy, and sell things using the Marketplace platform. Also,  visitors can search for local classified advertisements, locate shippable goods, and browse for posts. 

Vacuum cleaners that are clean, refurbished, and in fantastic condition are being offered on Facebook Marketplace for $75 to 125.


sell your vacuum cleaner on ebay

eBay is an online store that offers services for business-to-business or consumer-to-consumer sales. Anyone without much technical knowledge may learn how to become an eBay seller because it is comparatively simple. eBay is a huge marketplace for all types of goods, including electronics, apparel, collectibles, and practically everything else. eBay is an auction site.

Vacuum cleaners that are clean and in good functioning order can be purchased on eBay for anywhere between $50 to $300.


A free internet marketplace called Craigslist allows you to market your products, services, and abilities. Used automobiles, vacuum cleaners, antique furniture, gadgets, and even ancient houses can all be sold here. Utilizing Craigslist, you may email your buyer directly. It’s the biggest online advertising platform that enables anyone from anywhere globally to promote their services with just a mouse click.

You can sell robust, heavy-duty vacuum cleaners for $10, $50, $500, and so forth.


  • Craigslist allows easy marketing of a wide range of products and services.
  • Sellers worldwide can connect and advertise with ease.
  • Facilitates direct communication between buyers and sellers.


  • In-person transactions with strangers can be unsafe.
  • Scams and fraud are common on the platform.
  • Product or service accuracy isn’t always guaranteed.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are an effective marketing tool that may help attract new clients and keep your existing ones interested with exclusive content, community, and support. Before Marketplace, users used Facebook Groups to trade, barter, and buy and sell.



One of the biggest mobile marketplaces for local buyers and sellers is offering up. Here, you can exchange goods for cash with locals. People can discover cost-effective offers and packages for both new and used goods. Along with selling vacuum cleaners, you may also sell a wide range of other items, including jewelry, cell phones, bags, and more.


5miles is another trustworthy site for you to sell your vacuum cleaner. It is the top-rated local marketplace app that enables local buying and selling. 10 million satisfied customers have used 5 Miles to put money back in their pockets and locate amazing things at great prices, and the service is free, simple, and secure. It has resulted in more than 1 billion dollars in local sales.


Another entertaining marketplace to sell your vacuum cleaner is Listia. It is a mobile marketplace where you may trade goods you don’t need, but others do. Earn points by giving things away to be reused, then use those points to buy things from other users you truly desire or acquire gift cards from the rewards store. More free items are available to you the more you give away.


A classified website, like others, serves as a platform for online advertising to market goods or services by bringing buyers and sellers together under one roof. When you use Classified Ads, you may post an item on eBay with a price and a description, and when a potential buyer contacts you, you can finalize the transaction outside of the eBay network.

How Can I Sell My Vacuum Cleaner

You now know who will buy used vacuum cleaners and where to sell them. Remember that learning the right approach is equally crucial to getting the interest of most people to buy your vacuum. The following is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to sell your vacuum cleaner: 

Step 1

Please verify the vacuum is functioning by looking at it and any attachments. Ensure that the vacuum motor starts when plugged in, that the suction is strong, and that the attachment hoses are free of any holes before clearing the vacuum bag of debris. Whenever necessary, fix the vacuum. Note any missing components or serious flaws so you can alert prospective owners.

Step 2

set the vacuums asking price

Set the vacuum’s asking price. To find out how much a used appliance dealer charges for a comparable model, check out online resources like Amazon, PennysaverUSA, or eBay. When deciding on a minimal price, please keep it in line with what similar models are selling online.

Step 3

Advertise your vacuum online. You may post free classified ads for used items on websites like Pennysaverusa and Craigslist, and advertising your vacuum cleaner on eBay will allow people to make offers. Please take pictures of the vacuum and its accessories so that purchasers can see how it looks. Make sure the vacuum’s condition is appropriately stated in your description.

Step 4

Publicize a product or service in a newspaper. Even though the products may appear dated, newspapers are still a good place to advertise, especially in small communities. Take out a brief advertisement in the newspaper to sell your used vacuum, and ask the publisher to post the ad online as well.

Step 5 

approach thrift stores

Approach your neighborhood thrift stores and secondhand appliance retailers. Some stores might be ready to purchase the vacuum outright, while others might accept it on consignment and pay you a percentage of the sales price. Retailers of used vacuums will be ready to buy a damaged vacuum so they can use the parts.

Who Buys Old Vacuum Cleaners And Other Things To Consider

Although the guidance mentioned above is sufficient to effectively market your goods, there are still other important factors to consider. Let’s quickly review the following:

  • Depending on what your product is, you might utilize a different platform to market it. Local choices like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist work best if your vacuum cleaner is large. eBay might be the best option if it’s a collectible.
  • Be prepared to barter. Most of the time, it makes sense to put an item online with a higher price than be ready to accept to allow for negotiation. Most secondhand buyers want to save money, so they’ll usually make bids that are less than what you’re asking. You can always lower the price later if your vacuum doesn’t sell.
  • High-quality photos are essential. Pose your vacuum with complementary accessories while using natural lighting. Having plenty of photos might help avoid misunderstandings because buyers truly want to be sure that the thing they’re buying is as fantastic as it seems. Take photos from every aspect, paying attention to any flaws in your vacuum, and make them available to consumers upon request.
  • The scammers lurk online everywhere and the websites mentioned above are not an exception. Use secure payment methods like PayPal to finish purchases and ensure you only transact through the platform’s legitimate channels. A decent rule of thumb is to assume that an offer is untrue if it seems too good to be true.
  • Lastly, be ready to accept offers and react immediately to queries!

What To Do With An Old Vacuum Other Than Selling It

Many people are still figuring out what to do with their old vacuums. You must dispose of your old vacuum cleaners properly because their components can impact human and environmental health. The issue is that many people don’t know how to do this, so they throw it in the trash.

However, recycling your old vacuum cleaner can benefit other people or contribute to resource conservation; Resources that can be used again, such as metal, plastic, and possibly glass.

You have a few alternatives for what to do with an old vacuum cleaner other than selling it, such as:

  • Recycle 
  • Repair
  • Reuse


Nearly everyone owns a vacuum, but we rarely recycle it after needing a new one. When your vacuum cleaner fails, you may attempt to toss it in the garbage and immediately purchase the latest model. But this might not be good for the environment and your cash. You can be sure your old vacuum cleaner will find a new, loving home by repairing, reusing, or recycling it. 

The methods for recycling vacuum cleaners are listed below. Let’s look at it:

Recycling Your Working Vacuum Cleaner

recycling your fail vacuum cleaner

In addition to selling your used vacuum cleaner, you can recycle it in the following ways:

  • You can trade your old, functional vacuum cleaner for a new one at some large retailers selling electronics or appliances. It makes getting rid of the equipment easier and lowers the cost of purchasing your new vacuum cleaner. The dealer receives a functional vacuum cleaner that they may later repair and resell.
  • You can go to a swapping event in your neighborhood if you don’t want to sell your old vacuum cleaner. Give someone who could use your operating vacuum cleaner in exchange for something you could use.
  • Even if your vacuum cleaner is no longer necessary for you, a friend or family member you know might find it useful; give it to them for nothing;  they’d appreciate it.
  • Additionally, you can donate your old vacuum. People and organizations are constantly looking for extra assistance to assist others. Examples include charities like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, which will sell the vacuum to raise a little additional money for charity.

Recycling Your Non-Working Vacuum Cleaner

First, keep in mind that a vacuum is made up of a variety of parts and materials. The functional components, including the hose, motor, and other attachments, can be used with different vacuum cleaners. By melting down the various materials, different other products are created.

You might need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to recycle a broken one. Then pick one of the recycling techniques listed below:

  • Find recycling facilities
  • Make contact with the brand’s makers.
  • Donate the metal components to a scrap yard.
  • Sell the individual components online while mentioning the issue.


repairing of vacuum

We’ll now discuss the second thing you can do with your old vacuum, i.e., Repairing. You can look into the problem and fix it. For instance, if your vacuum cleaner has lost suction, it is only a minor issue you can fix in a flash. Look for a vacuum hose leak if you are experiencing suction issues.

If you discover that the vacuum cleaner is no longer functional during your check, the power cable is likely to blame. Replace the power cable on your own or take it to a vacuum repair shop.

If you’ve done everything to fix your damaged cleaner, you might be able to repair some of the pieces and build something new.


The third choice you have is to reuse your vacuum. And you can reuse the various components of a vacuum cleaner to make new toys or household products you and your kid use around the house. For instance, you can perform activities with a vacuum motor that will be really enjoyable. 

What may therefore be created using an old vacuum motor? Despite what some have said, the vacuum cleaner’s motor isn’t that powerful. Some people have used a vacuum motor and a few other components to create different items. Things like that:

  • A Hovercraft
  • A water pump
  • An air-blowing fan
  • Toy cars
  • Homemade belt sander

As you can see, there are numerous alternatives to tossing an outdated vacuum cleaner in the trash. You can sell it, give it to someone else, fix it, or use it to make something new.

An Amazing Idea From Old Vacuum Cleaner And PVC Pipe

Is It Worth Fixing An Old Vacuum?

Whether it’s worth fixing an old vacuum depends on several factors. If the vacuum has sentimental value, is a high-quality model, or has unique features that are challenging to find in newer models, repairing it might be worthwhile. 

Additionally, if the cost of repair is significantly lower than the expense of purchasing a new vacuum, it could be a cost-effective choice. 

However, if the vacuum is outdated, consistently requires repairs, or lacks essential features available in newer models, investing in a new vacuum might be a more practical and efficient long-term solution. 

Consider the age, overall condition, and repair costs in comparison to the benefits of a new vacuum before deciding whether to repair or replace the old one.


We hope you liked reading our article, which answered the question who buys old vacuum cleaners but also assisted you in determining the vacuum cleaner’s resale potential. This article will help you locate the places to sell it, and there are always suggestions for ensuring a successful sale. You should know that disposing of your old vacuum will affect the environment. Recycling a vacuum cleaner properly is the finest approach to getting rid of it.


Do people buy old vacuums?

If you enjoy antiques, you won’t be surprised to learn that vintage vacuum cleaners have significantly increased in retro appeal over the past ten years. Over time, the captivating history of these well-liked appliances has added to their appeal as a collectible and become stunning display objects.

What is the best way to sell my vacuum cleaner?

The National Association of Cleaners asserts that creating a brief, clear advertisement that appropriately portrays the product is the best approach to marketing a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, include realistic price comparisons and warranty details.

How do I determine the best price to sell my vacuum cleaner?

The condition, material, and brand of your vacuum cleaner and the state of the local market will determine the best-selling price.

Is it worth scrapping a vacuum cleaner?

Numerous home appliances don’t contain enough metal to be worth scrapping. You could take your vacuum cleaner apart to access the possible small motor and circuit board within, but doing so would take time, and the reward might not be worth more than a few pennies.

Can you put a vacuum cleaner in the bin?

Vacuum cleaners are not permitted in the residual or recycling container, box, or bag provided by your local municipality. You may recycle vacuum cleaners at your neighborhood Household Waste Recycling Center. 

Where do you recycle a broken vacuum cleaner?

To recycle a broken vacuum cleaner, check with local waste management facilities or electronics recycling centers. Many municipalities offer specific drop-off locations for electronic waste.

Is it worth spending a lot of money on an expensive robot?

The value of spending a lot on an expensive robot vacuum depends on individual preferences and needs. High-end models often come with advanced features like smart navigation, stronger suction, and better technology, providing convenience and efficiency. Consider your budget and desired features to determine the right balance for your needs.

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