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There are numerous models of Roomba vacuums. However, they all have a similar design and functionality. Maintaining your Roomba and giving each component special attention will ensure it runs effectively and longer. However, have you ever wondered, how long do Roomba bags last, and are they even reusable?

The Roomba vacuum bag should last 10 to 12 cleaning cycles before requiring cleaning or replacement. In this post, we’ll talk about the dust bag longevity of three specific models. Also, we’ll give you some important information regarding your vacuum bag. So, let’s begin.

How Does A Vacuum Bag Work

Before learning how long do Roomba bags last, learn the basics of vacuum dust bags and how they function.

By keeping dirt and debris out of the vacuum cleaner’s internal components, vacuum bags increase the lifespan of the equipment. This subsequently enhances your vacuum’s effectiveness and suction. Preventing particle build-up in the system is crucial if you want your device to continue operating at its best.

Moreover, some vacuum bags include filters that aid in collecting tiny airborne contaminants and allergens that pollute the air. Ordinarily, these particles are recycled back into space when you vacuum, but not when using a good filter bag. While you vacuum, make your environment better.

The vacuum bag’s capacity to absorb and trap the smallest particles, frequently the ones that pose the biggest risk to your respiratory system, is one of its best qualities. Those who suffer from severe allergies or asthma are more likely to enjoy using bagged vacuum cleaners since they help to purify the air while in use, which helps to relieve some of those symptoms.

Because of this, using a vacuum cleaner is essentially useless if the bags aren’t changed frequently enough. Those overworked, about-to-burst vacuum bags will do more harm than good if used improperly.

How Long Do Roomba Bags LastExplained

The Roomba vacuum bags should last about 10 to 12 cleaning cycles before they need to be cleaned out or replaced, as we said in the introduction. Typically, each bag is made to accommodate 30 bins of trash and dust.

Models with a larger holding capacity, such as the s9, can run for roughly 30 cleaning cycles. You’ll need a robot vacuum with a larger holding capacity for cleaning huge areas like churches.

So, as we promised, here is the three Roomba models’ bags’ durability information that the majority of people have questions about:

  1. Roomba i7 bags
  2. Roomba i3 bags
  3. Roomba s9 bags

Roomba i7 Bags

When the Roomba i7 was unveiled in September 2018, it swiftly became the bestseller list. According to user observations of the Roomba i7, each bag should run for at least 10 hours and go through at least 10 cleaning cycles before replacing.

According to this estimate, the vacuum should be able to clean three or four rooms in no more than 30 to 40 minutes.

Roomba i3 Bags

Roomba i3 Bags

Together with the i7, the Roomba i3 was also released, and it soon gained popularity among users. The Roomba i3’s AllergenLock bags typically last 8 to 9 weeks., but they can last longer depending on how frequently you use them and how dirty your house is, according to the vacuum’s manufacturer, iRobot.

Roomba s9 bags

Do the Roomba s9 bags live up to the company’s claim that it is the smartest and most potent robot vacuum ever when it first debuted in May 2019? The Roomba s9’s AllergenLock bags can hold up to 30 cleaning loads and last for eight weeks on average before needing to be emptied or refilled.

These and the other models described earlier are pretty similar. The s9 operating time is very good for robot vacuums.

Are Roomba Bags Reusable?

Another common query among Roomba users is this one. The quick answer is yes, you can reuse the Roomba’s bags multiple times for as long as they last.

Yet, there will come a time when the bag will no longer be functional, particularly if the bag’s body has holes or has been torn apart.

However, if you decide to reuse your Roomba bag, there are 4 things you must think about:

  1. Cleaning the filter frequently will increase the effectiveness of your vacuum.
  2. Bags must be cleaned occasionally because they won’t function properly if they contain debris or dirt.
  3. We do not advise using the bag regularly because frequent use reduces operational effectiveness.
  4. You shouldn’t be concerned if you use it at home for minute dust, but the bag can become seriously clogged with particles when used commercially.

Do Reusable Bags Work As Good?

after learning that Roomba bags are reusable the question of whether the reusable bags are good enough to be utilized arises. The Roomba bags that are not designed to be reused won’t be as good as the originals, but they will work just fine.

The high-quality vacuum bags allow for numerous further runs. When you reuse the bags, the odor may become an issue. Reusing the bags is not recommended if you are sensitive to odors since as the bags age, they can no longer prevent the odors from escaping.

Reusing the bags is not a good idea if you also have allergies. You don’t want the allergens to escape more frequently and return to the air as the bags age.

How Often To Change Roomba Bag?

how often to change roomba bag

The bag is the item that changes the most frequently, every 4-6 weeks. It is compact and can contain a lot. You must pull the long dual brushes out every five days and trim the hair on the ends. It takes a maximum of 2 minutes and is an extremely simple task.

“How often” depends on how frequently you use the iRobot Roomba and how vast the smart map is. Whether or if pets are in the house should also be considered because pet fur fills the Roomba’s bag.

After ten cycles, the Roomba bag should be cleaned! It’s advised to empty the bag after cleaning sessions even if the indication didn’t turn ON.

The Roomba’s indication goes off just before a cleaning session, and you have to empty the bag might be avoided in that method. The bag for the iRobot Roomba can last for more than 10 cycles, but if it fills up in the middle of a session, the robot will pause and return to its base.

You can click here if you want to learn about how often should you replace your vacuum cleaner.

Roomba ModelRecommended Bag Change Frequency
Roomba 600 SeriesEvery 1-2 months
Roomba 800 SeriesEvery 2-3 months
Roomba 900 SeriesEvery 2-3 months
Roomba i SeriesEvery 2-3 months
Roomba s SeriesEvery 2-3 months
Table: Recommended Frequency For Changing Roomba Vacuum Bags

How Do I Change My Roomba Bag?

You can do the simple task of changing your Roomba bag in minutes. To prevent harming your Roomba and Clean Base, change the bag properly.

Here is a method for changing the old bag with a new one:

Step 1

Unlock the top of your Clean Base station and close the vacuum bag’s plastic mouth hole.

Step 2

Lift the bag out of the base to remove it, then dispose of it properly.

Step 3

Insert the mouth of the fresh vacuum bag into the holder bracket. Close the Clean Base’s cover after making sure it fits tightly.

Step 4

If the red light that signifies a full bag is still on, you should adjust the replacement bag’s plastic mouth and push it farther into the bracket until the light turns off.

How To Make Reusable Dirt Disposal Reuse Bag For iRobot Roomba i7+ Or s9+

Can You Clean Roomba Dust Bag?

The question of whether you can clean your Roomba dustbags must have entered your thoughts after coming this far. You don’t need to go somewhere because we are here to provide an answer.

Yes, you can clean the Roomba dust bag. In addition to emptying the bag, it is occasionally possible for dust and hair to become lodged inside. Hence it is advised to clear the bag internally periodically.

Owners of Roombas may occasionally use another vacuum cleaner to remove everything from Roomba’s bag so it can be reused. All you have to do to clean the Roomba dust bag is to shake the full bag till everything comes out!

If something doesn’t come out, you should examine the inside and, if necessary, shake the bag once more to make sure it’s empty. Also, use a different vacuum to clean the Roomba’s bag from the inside out thoroughly.

The number of cleaning sessions a bag can withstand depends on how well it is cleaned.


  • Cleaning the dust bag saves money on replacements.
  • Reduces waste and landfill contribution.
  • Keeps Roomba’s cleaning efficiency.


  • The cleaning process requires time and effort.
  • Involves dealing with dirt and allergens.
  • Mishandling can lead to tears.

How To Clean A Roomba Filter?

how to clean a roomba filter

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for cleaning your Roomba filters if you have one with filter-equipped Roomba bags.

Step 1

Empty the contents of the trash can after removing it. This step must be completed following each use.

Step 2

The filter or filters will be visible after removing the bin; remove them all.

Step 3 

To remove any accumulated debris, tap the filter or filters against the interior of a trash can.

Step 4 

While not necessarily required, you can use an air compressor to remove any remaining dust.

Step 5

Reinstall the waste container and filter.

What Happens If I Don’t Replace The Vacuum Bag?

Replacing your bag is necessary; if you do not replace the vacuum bag after it has lost its working efficiency, the following will happen:

Your vacuum cleaner will lose suction strength if the vacuum bag fills up and isn’t changed. You will realize that moving objects over carpeted surfaces is challenging, and your cleaning time has increased greatly.

Moreover, a full vacuum bag can lead to the motor overheating and eventual failure, costing you money in repairs or necessitating the purchase of a new vacuum.

A full bag will increase the effort needed to spin the brush roll in an upright vacuum with a belt-driven system, which could harm the belt.

How Much Does A Roomba’s Bag Cost?

After months of cleaning and emptying the cloth bags, the Roomba’s bags may split apart and become unusable even if reusable. This is typical, and to keep your robot functioning normally, you occasionally need to buy a replacement bag.

Online retailers offer a wide variety of dust bags compatible with Roombas. They range in price from $9 to $30 for a pack of between 7 and 10 pieces.

Your target price should be $3 per bag, which is not excessive, given that you can use this bag repeatedly. It’s best to buy multiple bags to have everything you need for at least a year or more!

As quality relies on price and is necessary for the proper operation of your iRobot Roomba, we do not advise purchasing the lowest choice.

Are All Roomba Bags The Same?

Your Roomba bags will be remarkably identical in most respects. Theoretically, all the bags should cooperate with the various models. However, you can search online for the most appropriate for your model.

If you have more than one model, we advise opting for an adaptable bag that can fit them all.

How Do I Know When My Roomba Bag Is Full?

Your AllergenLock Roomba bag will most likely become filled after numerous cleaning cycles and must be emptied or thrown away. But, it is not really handy to check your clean base every day simply to know when it is full, so how precisely do you know when it is full?

Hence, for each of the well-known series, here is how to determine when the Roomba bag is full:

The Roomba i-Series vacuum’s clean button, which includes the i7 and i3, emits a red light. When this light reaches the bottom of the button, the bag is full and needs to be emptied.

The Roomba vacuum’s 700, 800, and 900 series include a red trashcan light that blinks when the bag is full, while the Roomba will alert you via the iRobot Home App when the bag is full.

Why Does Your Roomba Say “Full” When It Isn’t?

If your Roomba bag has been emptied and replaced, yet the red light is still on, one of two things may be wrong: the bag of your vacuum is clogged, or the vacuum tube is clogged. Both of these problems are easy to resolve on your own at home.

Little air openings in Roomba bags allow air to enter, but if the pores get so filthy that air cannot move through them, your Roomba may detect that the bag is dirty.

How To Fix This Issue

You can resolve this problem by removing the vacuum bag and giving it a little shake. Doing so will release the dirt in the pores, allowing air to flow through once more. If your vacuum still displays a full status, the issue is likely a clogged vacuum path.

After that, you can do the following:


Step 1 

Remove the Roomba from the charging base and unplug the Roomba station.


Search the bottom of the charging base for the clear tube and the congested area by tilting the base onto its back.

Step 3 

Carefully remove the screws holding the tubing together using a screwdriver, then press the flat side of the clear tube to release it.

Step 4

Clear the obstruction by carefully removing any debris with your fingers. Make sure to venture outside as often as you can.

Step 5

To remove any remaining debris, tilt the station and tilt it outward. After ensuring the tubing is clear, carefully screw everything back into place.

Step 6

Reinstall the vacuum and replace the station. Check to see if it no longer indicates that it is full by plugging it in.


So now you know, how long do Roomba bags last? Depending on how often you use the vacuum and how much debris/dust it gathers, most Roomba models have a lifespan of 10–12 cleaning cycles.

You are now fully informed about replacing and reusing your bags or resolving a simple problem with your Clean base. We have talked about Roomba bags in general and the i7, i3, and s9 versions specifically. We know the inaccurate Roomba bag-change indicator and how to determine when a bag is full.

You have also received advice on how to lengthen the life of the bags and instructions on how to replace them when necessary.


Do you throw out the iRobot bag?

Lift to remove the bag from the canister by pulling up the plastic card that leads to the vacuum port. The bag will be sealed after doing this, preventing more dust or debris from escaping. Get rid of the used bag.

Why does Roomba think the bag is full?

If Roomba keeps saying the bin is full even after you’ve emptied it, you haven’t properly cleaned the sensor ports or the bin full sensors. When you have cleaned all six full bin sensors and ports, it might be essential to restart the robot to fix the issue.

Are Roomba bags environment-friendly?

The Roomba bags degrade after 90 days, and even the plastic portion is made of PP material, which is recyclable. This indicates that the bags are particularly eco-friendly.

Are there different types of Roomba bags?

Several Roomba bag varieties could be found. Most of them, however, work with practically all Roomba vacuum model variations. Choosing the Roombas compatible with all models is advised if you have more than one Roomba vacuum (of different types).

Can you wash Roomba filters?

IRobot advises against washing your Roomba filters. This is because any interaction with a liquid has the potential to harm the filter as well as the vacuum.

How long do Roomba rollers last?

Roomba rollers typically last around 6-12 months, depending on usage and the type of flooring. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend their lifespan.

How often to replace the Roomba bag?

Roombas don’t use bags; they use dustbins or containers. Empty the dustbin regularly to maintain optimal performance. Clean or replace the filter as needed, usually every 2-3 months, depending on usage and the type of debris picked up.

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