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We all adore our Roombas, particularly the ones with advanced mapping and navigation features. In addition, while we’re talking about the amazing potential of our Roombas, how could we forget to mention the Roomba Home Base, which serves the dual functions of charging and docking your Roomba 

Your Roomba must know where its base is to quickly find it when it needs to return. But, because it’s such a crucial part of your Roomba, have you ever questioned yourself: can I move my Roomba home base ? or will I be able to relocate it such that it will be able to cover most of the space I want to clean. 

The short answer to your question is “ yes”; you can. In this article, we’ll go over how to do this task successfully as well as a few other crucial topics that you should be fully informed on. So let’s cover everything in detail.

Why Move My Roomba Home Base?

Before learning how to move your Roomba Home Base, it’s critical to understand why we even need to do it in the first place. Even though many of you already know this, let’s inform the others who are uncertain about it.

Of course, the main purpose of moving or relocating the Roomba home base is to allow this smart device to cover the desired space areas. For instance, if it is placed in the living room, it might not be able to clean the kitchen, the receiving area, or even other entryways and rooms on the same floor due to its proximity. Because of this, we occasionally need to relocate the Roomba home base to better suit our requirements and interests.

How Can I Move Roomba Home Base?

So, it’s time to get ready and begin taking the necessary actions to move our Roomba Home Base to its new place. Simply follow the steps listed below, and you can move and relocate your Roomba Home Base without hassles. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Decide on a new location
  • Relocate your Roomba home base
  • Reconfigure Roomba vacuum

Decide On A New Location

You must choose an appropriate site before moving the Roomba Base there. Consider your reasons for moving your Roomba base and the problem you intend to fix (which we already addressed above).

Be sure you choose a location that solves the problem that led you to wish to move the Roomba in the first place because many typical Roomba vacuum problems are caused by improper placement of the Roomba home base.

You must place your Roomba Home Base in a flat, open, and hidden area. The following are some guidelines to keep in mind when selecting a new location for your Roomba home base:

  • There must be at least 18 inches of space around the Roomba Base.
  • A minimum of 4 feet should be available in front of the Roomba Home Base.
  • The distance between the Roomba Home Base and any stairs must be at least 4 feet.
  • The distance between the Roomba Home Base and any virtual wall barriers must be at least 8 feet.
  • Make sure the back of the Roomba Home Base is against a flat wall on a level surface, next to an electrical outlet, for best results.
  • In order to ensure clear communication, the location of the Roomba Home Base should have consistent wifi coverage.

Relocate Your Roomba Home Base

Going ahead. You can start moving your Roomba Home Base once you’ve decided on a suitable new place. To make sure your Roomba runs as flawlessly as possible in its new location, here are some critical maintenance procedures you need to follow step-by-step:

  • Step 1 – Ensure That the Roomba is Not Running
  • Step 2 – Disconnect Your Roomba Home Base
  • Step 3 – Begin the Relocation
  • Step 4 – Connect it to the New Place
  • Step 5 – Clean the Charging Contacts
  • Step 6 – Dock the Roomba Vacuum 

Step 1 – Ensure That The Roomba Is Not Running

Before going to the Roomba Home Base, see whether any cleaning jobs need to be finished or canceled. Moving your Roomba Home Base may result in navigational problems when a cleaning task is performed. Hence, switch it off fully or unplug it before continuing.

Step 2 – Disconnect Your Roomba Home Base

disconnect your roomba home base

It’s one thing to turn your Roomba off, but it’s quite another to entirely disconnect them from the power source. Remove the Home Base’s plug from the port or outlet it is plugged into.

Step 3 – Begin The Relocation

After unplugging, you can move your Roomba Home Base to its new location. Of course, you’ll need to transport everything, including the base, braces, and power cables.

For best results, consider positioning the Home Base’s back against a flat wall on a level, smooth surface far from stairs and furniture.

Step 4: Connect It To The New Place

Power is required for your Roomba Home Base to communicate with your vacuum. Move the Roomba home base closer to an outlet if the area you’ve chosen doesn’t have access to one.

Step 5 – Clean The Charging Contacts

Your Roomba vacuum must have its charging contacts maintained regularly to function properly. Cleaning the silver metal charging connections on the Roomba vacuum and Roomba Home Base requires a melamine sponge, sometimes called a “Magic Eraser”.

Step 6 – Dock The Roomba Vacuum 

The Roomba Vacuum must be set on the Roomba Home Base in order for the charging contacts to work properly. Your Roomba vacuum’s “Clean” button should briefly illuminate when docked properly.

Reconfigure Roomba Vacuum

reconfigure roomba vacuum

This is the final step toward our destination. You might need to alter the floor plans and other settings on your Roomba vacuum if it links to an iPhone or Android app. There may be timetables, floor plans, or other settings that need to be changed on some app-controlled Roomba models. For configuration guidelines for your Roomba vacuum model, consult your user manual.

And Voila? We are there, Your Roomba Home Base has been successfully moved to a new, better place and You won’t have any trouble moving or relocating your Roomba Home Base at this point.

Now that we know how to relocate a Roomba Home Base. It’s time to answer some more relevant yet crucial concerns regarding our Roomba or Roomba Home Base. Continue reading if you’re keen to learn how to effectively understand everything about your Roomba Home Base as well as how it will greatly benefit you in the future. So let’s move on

Can I Move My Roomba Home Base To Another Room?

This is another often requested query, right behind can I move my Roomba home base to another room. Yes, you can relocate the Roomba Home Base to another room. Your Roomba can find the base’s new position without the need for additional training runs.

On floors that have already been mapped, Roomba will operate efficiently. It shouldn’t have any trouble locating the docking port.

But we advise manually updating the map on the iRobot Home app if your Roomba is having trouble finding its docking station. You don’t need to remap the floor to accomplish this. To update your map, adhere to these simple instructions:

  • Check out the map’s history.
  • Go to the history page and pick one of your prior runs.
  • You should aim for a “clean all” mission map.
  • Press the three dots (right upper corner). Choose “Update my smart app”. Now that it is updated, Roomba will have no trouble locating its new home base.

Can I Move My Roomba From Floor To Floor?

As long as your Roomba doesn’t exceed its threshold, it can easily move across floors. For example, the Roomba I7 has storage for up to ten different floor plans.

Your Roomba will use its sensors to map the space, identify the dirtiest regions, and concentrate on those areas if it has never cleaned the floor. The Roomba can only move from floor to floor manually; it cannot climb or descend on its own. Move your Roomba to a different floor and select “Clean”.

Can You Put Roomba Base On A Carpet?

can you put roomba base on a carpet

As long as there is enough room for the Roomba to go around and find the base, you can place your Roomba Base anywhere—even on the carpet—without docking issues. Carpets work great if the vacuum is used on them, but other people prefer hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, etc. 

Some users are hesitant to place the Roomba Base on carpets for fear of an overheating incident while the Roomba is charging. Yet there has never been an issue with this. When placed on carpet, the base of your Roomba won’t get too hot.

What Happens If I Move My Roomba Home Base?

Your Roomba is a well-developed and smart device, so when you move its base, several things take place to ensure it registers the new spot and docks successfully. 

Your Roomba will dock without a hitch when it does its subsequent cleaning run from a new location still inside the same room it has already mapped out. There is nothing you need to do; the Roomba will automatically adjust to the new spot.

The Home Base icon may still be displayed on the map at the previous location, but this won’t stop your Roomba from docking at the new home base. The map will automatically refresh after a few runs, and the Home Base icon will appear in the new location.

Where Is The Best Place To Put My Roomba Dock?

If you follow the provided easy instructions, you can position your home base anywhere:

  • Sufficient Space
  • Flat Surface
  • Away From the Staircase

Sufficient Space

The Home Base location ought to be accessible, unobstructed, and free of obstructions. The base has 1.5 feet of space on either side of it and is set up against a wall.

How To Set Up The Home Base | Roomba® | iRobot®

Flat Surface

Place the Home Base on a level, even surface. The best working conditions for your robot are a flat area and a wall. If you tilt the docking station, your Roomba will clean diagonally.

Away From The Staircase

Put the Home Base of your Roomba 4 feet away from any stairs or other areas where it could fall.

Do I Need To Reset My Roomba When I Move?

Regardless of where you relocate your Roomba’s home base, resetting it is unnecessary. Your Roomba will make a map of the area it cleans (as it cleans it), so it won’t run into any issues even if it’s a brand-new house.

Yet on rare occasions, you might need to reset your Roomba if it struggles to clean your new house. Perhaps the app isn’t compatible with the wifi in the new house. So in that case, you can use two methods to reset your Roomba’s base; either the mobile app or the Roomba itself can be used to reset it. 

We would prefer to use the mobile app to reset. Because all series cannot be reset in the same manner, resetting the Roomba from the Roomba itself might be challenging. Resetting Roomba using the mobile app is a simple process; all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Verify that the Roomba and mobile device are linked to the same wifi.

Step 2: Open up the application, then select “Settings”. Click it.

Step 3: Next, select “Remove”. “Factory reset” will appear (name of Roomba). Once you click it, you’re done.  

How Does Roomba Know Where Home Base Is?

how does roomba know where home base is

How does a Roomba know where the Home Base is maybe another crucial topic for our readers. Roomba uses the Home Base as a reference point when mapping the floor. Your Roomba can return to the Home Base thanks to the information it receives from the home app when wifi is stable.

It is purported to identify walls and barriers using a system of cameras and lasers. Your Roomba doesn’t take a random route; instead, it moves in straight lines until it hits an obstacle, at which point it turns 45 degrees and tries to go again.

Also, it creates a house map that may be broken down into rooms. All these techniques help your Roomba locate its base of operations.

Can My Roomba Vacuum Have Two Different Home Bases?

After looking up the questions Roomba consumers frequently asked online, we found that many of them questioned, can my Roomba vacuum have two different home bases? Of course, it can! Your Roomba vacuum can connect to numerous Roomba Home Bases.

You might, for instance, set a Roomba Home Base on each floor of your home and avoid transferring it from one level to the next. As long as they are at least eight feet away, you can have more than one Roomba Home Base on the same floor. This is especially helpful if your floor layout is spacious.

Your Roomba vacuum will select the closest Roomba Home Base when it needs to dock. But, for your Roomba vacuum to work properly, it must be a model that is the same as or newer than the Roomba Home Base.

In contrast, if you own a Roomba 600 Series Home Base and a Roomba I Series vacuum, your vacuum will generally dock on the 600 Series home base. Even when it needs to empty its bin, your Roomba vacuum will head to the I Series home base rather than the 600 Series, which it only visits when it needs to charge. It’s a really clever vacuum!


  • Two bases eliminate relocating, enhancing user convenience.
  • Saves time by avoiding base movement.
  • Ensures Roomba always has nearby charging.


  • The extra base purchase adds cost.
  • Requires adequate space in various areas.
  • Setting up multiple bases might be complex.

Are Roomba Home Bases Universal?

are roomba home bases universal

No, not every Roomba Home Base is the same. For instance, compatibility difficulties prevent a newer model Roomba robot cleaner from docking and charging with older-generation Home Bases. More precisely, the Home Base has design, battery, and automatic dirt disposal compatibility problems. Let’s address those:

  • Design Compatibility
  • Battery Type Compatibility
  • Automatic Dirt Disposal Compatibility

Design Compatibility

First, there is an issue with the design. Some older Home Bases’ charging contacts might not completely align with those on your Roomba. The gadget cannot charge using that home base as a result.

Battery Type Compatibility

In addition, there is the matter of different battery kinds. Newer Roomba models rely on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries instead of the older models’ nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. For recharging, each battery type needs a compatible home base.

Automatic Dirt Disposal Compatibility

Last, not all Roomba models can be used with the Clean Base, which provides automatic dirt removal. So ensure that your Roomba model is compatible if you intend to purchase a Clean Base.

Can I Send My Roomba Back To Its Home Base From The App?

Yes, you can send your Roomba back to its home base using the Roomba app. Most Roomba models that are compatible with the iRobot Home app allow users to initiate the “Dock” or “Home” command directly from the app. This feature can be convenient when you want to return the Roomba to its charging station without manually picking it up or waiting for it to complete its cleaning cycle. Simply open the Roomba app on your smartphone, locate the option to send the Roomba back to the home base, and initiate the command. This functionality adds to the overall convenience of using a Roomba robotic vacuum for automated cleaning.


You have now discovered the answer to your question, can I move my Roomba Home Base? Your Roomba’s performance is unaffected by moving the home base unit inside the same room. The Roomba will locate the new location without issue and dock or recharge. But don’t move Roomba’s base of operations in the middle of a cleaning.

Your Roomba is an intelligent machine set up to head back to the base after cleaning. As a result, you are free to move between rooms. For successful docking, you must keep the path free of obstructions.

Place the home base away from the stairs on a flat surface. Moreover, there is no need to reset the Roomba Home Base while moving it between rooms in the same house. Your Roomba can do it on its own. 


Can you use Roomba without the base?

Yes, you can operate your Roomba effectively without a base at home. Recharge the Roomba using the charging system. By hitting the “CLEAN” button, you must manually launch the Roomba.

How to tell Roomba to go home from the app?

Launch the iRobot app, tap the CLEAN button, and the “Send Home” option will appear. This option’s selection sends Roomba back to its home base.

Why doesn’t my Roomba go home right away?

Something may be blocking a direct path to the dock or the troublesome room if your Roomba is having problems finding its way home or to other rooms. Another frequent cause of this is when someone moves the Roomba while it is cleaning, which causes it to misjudge the location of the dock or room.

Why does my Roomba not return to Home Base?

Roomba will return to the Home Base if the Dock button is touched while pausing during an operation. Before hitting the dock, if Roomba is picked up and relocated, it will not be able to locate the Home Base unless it is positioned facing the Home Base and within 6 feet (2 meters) of the Home Base.

Can Roomba dock under the couch?

As long as the height is greater than 3.7 inches, the Roomba can fit beneath an end table or sofa. The home base should have a minimum of 4 feet (1.2 meters) in front of it and 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) of clearance on either side (with no furniture, such as tables or chairs, within this area).

Can Roomba transition from carpet to floor?

Without your help, the Roomba will effortlessly switch from carpet to hard surface floors. All Roomba models can easily navigate most throw rugs.

How does the robotic vacuum know where to go?

Robotic vacuums use sensors, cameras, and mapping technology to navigate, creating a map of the cleaning area and employing algorithms for autonomous and efficient movement.

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