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Encountering a hiccup in your Shark Ion Robot’s cleaning choreography and pondering, how do I reset this ingenious cleaning marvel? Today, we’re diving into the world of how to Reset Shark ION Robot. Picture this: your robotic cleaning assistant occasionally needs a digital refresh. In just a couple of lines, the answer: it involves locating the reset button, a touch of button pressing, and a moment of digital rebirth.

But before you assume a cleaning conundrum, join us on this troubleshooting adventure. We’ll guide you through the steps, ensuring your Shark Ion Robot is ready to resume its cleaning duties with a renewed sense of purpose and efficiency!

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Two Different Types Of Resets

Let’s speak about the types of resets your Shark ION may require before we go into the details of how to reset Shark ION robot; we’ve listed them below:

1. Rebooting 

Rebooting your Roomba will turn it off before turning it back on. Rebooting your vacuum is brilliant if you discover it won’t connect to WiFi or has some other fault. Your Roomba app data, including logins, saved locations, and user settings, will remain accessible after a reboot.

2. Factory Reset 

A factory reset is a different form of reset for your Roomba. A complete factory reset of your robot may be necessary to eliminate any error or if you’re experiencing more severe problems that a simple reboot can’t fix. This action will effectively reset your Roomba to its factory settings and delete all user information from the bot and the companion app.

TypePurposeInformation After Reset
RebootingTurn off and on again; helpful for connectivity or faultsApp data remains accessible
Factory ResetRestore to factory settings; for severe issues or errorsDeletes all user data
Table: Types Of Resets For Shark ION Robot

What To Know Before Resetting Your Shark ION Robot Vacuum

Before you reset your Shark ION robot vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of a few more crucial things. When you reset your device, all of its settings are lost, including:

  • Maps and Schedules 
  • WiFi Passwords
  • App Settings
  • Cloud Stored Data
  • Any Firmware updates that have been installed

How To Reset Shark ION Robot – 2 Ways

reset shark ion robot

Finally, we will learn how to reset Shark ION robot vacuum in this section. There are two ways you can use to do it:

1. Factory Reset Through SharkClean App

The SharkClean application is the most effective way to factory reset a Shark robot. In actuality, this method is generally advised for factory resetting Shark robots. All Shark robots, including the Shark EZ, Shark IQ, Shark ION, and Shark Ai versions, can be reset using this process. 

You can do a factory reset through the SharkClean app only when the Shark robot has been linked to your WiFi network.

Please be aware that this procedure will delete any cloud-saved data and the Shark robot from the SharkClean app. The precise methods to factory reset a Shark robot are listed below:

  1. Open the Shark app on your smartphone. (You must connect the vacuum cleaner and the app to the same 2.4 GHz WiFi network.)
  2. Select the Factory Reset option from the Settings Menu.
  3. The robot vacuum cleaner will return to factory settings after starting the device reset process, which could take a few minutes.
  4. Don’t worry if you can’t utilize this approach for some reason, like no WiFi connection. Below we will tell you about another easiest approach to reset your robot manually and also will walk you through the steps necessary for a manual reset.

2. Reboot Manually

As an alternative, you can reset the machine manually. A manual reboot can help if you cannot connect to a WiFi network. Fortunately, you can easily reset a Shark robot vacuum without erasing all of the data. Follow these procedures to reboot the Shark manually:

  • First, you must turn the robot vacuum cleaner upside down. 
  • For at least 10 seconds, hold down the power button on the side of the device to turn it off.
  • To reset the robot vacuum to factory settings, let at least 10 seconds pass before pushing the Power button again. Now is the time to return the vacuum cleaner to its default settings.

When To Reset The Shark ION Robot

Before we continue, you should be aware that resetting the device is not something you do frequently or out of boredom. If you have tried other hacks without success or are in one of the situations listed below, we advise that you only use this debugging option. Let’s now find out when is the right time to reset your Shark ION robot:

1. Your Shark Cannot Access Your WiFi Network

Buying a Shark ION robot may take a few tries before it cooperates and connects to the internet effectively. Be sure, though, to use the Shark-recommended frequency.

While some vacuums operate at 2.4 GHz, others do so in addition to 5 GHz. Additionally, do a router reset and check if your device can connect.

If you’ve done everything on this list and still can’t figure out why your Shark ION Robot won’t connect to the Wi-Fi network, it may be time to perform a factory reset.

How To Resolve Connection Issues With Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty™ XL

2. Software Problems

Software is required for the Shark ION Robot vacuum cleaner to function properly. Like other digital gadgets, the program starts acting strangely as problems arise.

Among some software difficulties are:

  • Cleaning at inaccurate times
  • Showing spinning motion
  • Moving without sweeping the floor 
  • Unable to locate the dock station
  • Deleted Schedules 

Proof that your Shark may have too much info in its memory is that the launcher is not loading in these instances. We suggest you reset your device and delete all extra data to restore it to its original state and functionality.

3. Transferring Ownership

When you sell or give the robot cleaner’s ownership to another person, you must reset your Shark ION Robot. Before giving the device to a new user, doing a hard reset to its factory settings is preferable. By doing this, the Shark has adequate memory, and the new user’s WiFi network, preferences, or cleaning schedule are not messed up.

Other Hacks You Should Try Before Resetting Your Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As we previously stated, you must try other ways to address the specific issue with your Shark before resetting it. Below are some potential issues with your Shark ION and how to fix them without resetting them. Check it out below:

1. Cleaning At Inaccurate Times

Your vacuum cleaner starting to clean at strange times is a sign that the cleaning schedule is off. What to do in this circumstance is as follows:

  • Start the app.
  • Delete the current schedule.
  • Verify the clock is set to the correct time (and adjust it if necessary).
  • Set the timetable to suit your preferences.

2. Showing Spinning Motion

The navigation algorithm may malfunction if your Shark ION Robot keeps going around in circles. By rotating in open areas, it tries to cover more ground. The steps are as follows.

  • Stop using your Shark.
  • Cleanse and dry the bumper lens with a soft towel.
  • Please verify that the bumper moves freely by repeatedly pressing it.

3. Moving Without Sweeping The Floor

not sweeping the floor

The failure is typically mechanical when the vacuum cleaner travels, yet dirt and debris are still on the floor. What you should do is:

  • Verify that your brushes are in good condition.
  • If so, swap them out.

4. Not Being Able To Locate The Docking Station

Incorrect charging station recognition or filthy charging contacts could cause a Shark robot to fail to dock and run into walls. The robot vacuum cleaner’s charging contacts are located beneath the surface and occasionally risk becoming dirty.

How to clean it is as follows:

  • Utilize dry wipes to wipe the touch.
  • If there is a lot of filth, gently scrub the surface with steel wool or abrasive pads to prevent scouring.

Before doing a last reset, try the following procedures if the robot is still having trouble detecting the charging station or running into walls:

  • Verify that your docking station is not situated in a challenging or dark position.
  • Make sure the ground is level and complex.
  • Place the docking station in such a way that it is facing the wall.
  • Verify that the sides of the docking station are clear of obstructions within a 1-meter radius.
  • Reconnect, then check to see if the robot can locate the docking station.

When Shouldn’t You Reset Your Shark ION Robot?

As we previously stated, you cannot reset your device every day in every situation. Resetting can help you avoid dealing with many robot issues and can fix software glitches, but it can’t always come to your rescue. 

Sometimes it could even go wrong. When addressing a few problems, you want to be careful to prevent making any new ones. Always be certain whether a factory reset is necessary or not for that!

A factory reset can be the best option for software difficulties but not for the issues listed below.

You shouldn’t try to restart your Roomba while it receives an update. You must be patient and wait for the update to finish because updates take time, and occasionally they take much longer than usual. 

A reset cannot resolve any issue; your Roomba cleaner producing noises is one example. The Roomba program is unable to manage voice generation. It must be a mechanical device that creates the sound by rubbing two surfaces against one another. Therefore, be aware that you have no control over the situation whenever your iRobot Roomba experiences suction issues. If your Roomba isn’t charging, see this post.

Instead of throwing arrows in the air, you should speak with iRobot experts for advice.


  • You can maintain preferred settings and cleaning schedules without reconfiguring.
  • Not resetting can prevent potential new glitches from arising.


  • Accumulated temporary files and errors can degrade performance.
  • Existing bugs might worsen without a reset.

Why Is My Shark ION Robot Blinking Clean And Max?

Most issues your robot vacuum is having can be fixed with a reset, but it is not always easy to pinpoint the issue. As a result, the Shark ION Robot uses several flashing lights to show what malfunction it is experiencing. Check the dust bin to see if it has been removed when the Clean RED/MAX flashes simultaneously. Put the dustbin where it belongs and securely fasten it.

If your shark robot displays the symbol “!” then a specific problem has happened. Below, we’ve included several Shark ION error warning lights and their meaning.

error warning lights

All LED lights are off: This suggests that the robot either needs to be charged or isn’t switched on. To start charging, turn on the switch or set it down on the dock.

RED + “i” both flashing in clean: It denotes a failed suction motor. Clear the filter, and look for anything blocking the suction.

Clean MAX or REB flashing light: The robot’s front bumper is jammed or caught on an obstruction. Clear any obstacles, then check the front jumper. If it continues, try cleaning the housing for the front caster wheel.

Dock light flashing: Failed boundary sensors on the bot. Contact customer support for the shark robot.

Clean RED and DOCK lights flashing together: The cliff sensors are broken. To repair, try cleaning.

MAX/”i” flashing together: This denotes a trapped side brush. To fix, clean, and remove any dirt from the side brush.

RED/MAX/”i” flashing together: The wheel is immobile. Clear the wheels’ debris such that DOCK/ MAX/”i” flashes together: main bush obstruction. To get rid of any debris, clean the brush.

What To Do If My Shark ION Robot Vacuum Won’t Turn On

We have some suggestions for you to try if your robot vacuum won’t start. With these easy-to-follow suggestions, let’s start troubleshooting why your robot vacuum won’t turn on:

1. Verify The Condition Of Your Robot Vacuum Charging Base

The charging light on your charging base is the best indicator of whether it is functioning. Lift your robot vacuum and turn it back on if the light is not on. It’s common for the light to turn on and off, so don’t be alarmed. The fact that the light turns on indicates that everything is in order with the charger.

Make sure the charging station is hooked into the wall if no green LED or status light appears to turn on.

2. Check The Light Switch Or the Wall Outlet

Plugging in a lamp is a simple technique to see if the power outlet is functional. If the lamp illuminates, the problem is not with the power outlet. If the lamp won’t light up, the power outlet is probably faulty and has to be looked at by a qualified electrician.

3. Clean The Contacts Of Your Robot Vacuum

Find out how to clean them here:

  • Remove the electrical plug from the charging station.
  • Clean the metal connections on the charging station and the bottom of the robot vacuum with a fresh rag and rubbing alcohol.
  • Dust the robot vacuum’s base and charging station with a fresh rag.

4. Shake Your Robot Vacuum To Activate It 

After setting it up on top of the base charging station, move it about a little bit to activate the charging lights. Sometimes you have to strike it precisely. It shouldn’t take more than five seconds to complete. If it takes longer, wriggling won’t assist anymore.

5. Reset Your Shark ION

  • Turn the Shark ION vacuum over on its side.
  • Find the robot’s side power button.
  • The shark robot should turn off after roughly 10 seconds of pressing the power button.

6. Remove And Reinstall The Battery

After removing the battery, leave the robot vacuum unplugged for two hours. Reconnect the battery to the charger and let it be there for 12 hours. 

7. Replace The Battery In The Robot Vacuum

A new battery is required if your robotic vacuum still won’t power on. It’s time to acquire a new battery for your robot vacuum if the current one is older than two years.

What To Do If My Shark ION Robot Is Not Charging

If your Shark ION robot is vacuum charging, you must verify the following:

1. Energy Source

Check that the charging station is fully connected to any power strip, wall socket, or other power source you use. Ensure it is turned on if it is hooked into a power strip or other similar source.

2. Complete Docking

complete docking

Make sure there are no hurdles or any sort of obstacle in the way of the robot’s docking that could prevent a complete docking. Small debris is included in this.

3. Battery

Check to see if the gadget’s battery is still holding at or close to the designated charge time. If not, a new battery might be required.

Why My Shark Ion Robot Constantly Stop And Beep

If your Shark Ion Robot vacuum is constantly stopping and beeping, there are several potential reasons for this behavior that you can investigate. 

First, check the vacuum’s sensors and brushes for any debris or blockages that might be impeding its movement. Clean the sensors and remove any tangled hair or debris from the brushes. 

Additionally, ensure that the vacuum’s wheels are free of obstructions. If the issue persists, the problem could be related to a low battery. Make sure the vacuum is fully charged, and if the battery is old, consider replacing it. If the problem continues despite these efforts, consult the user manual for troubleshooting tips or contact 

Shark customer support for further assistance. Frequent stopping and beeping can often be resolved through routine maintenance and addressing potential obstacles in the vacuum’s path.


With the above steps, we are sure you know how to reset Shark ION robot. The machine will restore to its factory settings in just a few seconds, just like when you first bought it. However, remember that it’s a last-resort option, and you should handle it as such. Before resetting your vacuum, try other methods to restore your unit to regular operation.


Why does my Shark vacuum roller keep stopping?

There is a clog in every Shark vacuum brush. This occurs when pet dander and hair wrap around the brush roll. The wrapped hair gunk entangles and reduces the speed of the rotating brush over time until it eventually stops.

Why does my Shark vacuum brush keep stopping?

The shark vacuum brush not spinning could be caused by a spinning brush roll clogged with a lot of hair and other dirt. Press the brush roll access buttons and remove the brush roll to remove any hair lodged in the vacuum cleaner’s brush roll.

Why does my Shark ION robot stop and flash spot and dock?

Something is tangled or stuck in the vacuum’s main brush roll if the “DOCK” and “SPOT” lights alternately flash. For accumulated junk, inspect the primary brush of the vacuum. If you see a buildup of hair or dirt within, take off the end cap of the main brush and clean it.

Why does my Shark vacuum shut off after a few minutes?

The vacuum contains a safety function that disables it if it overheats or reaches a particularly high temperature. This occurs as a result of the vacuum’s motor protection thermostat. If it shuts off from overheating, you must reset the thermostat before using the vacuum again.

Why is my Shark Lift Away not spinning?

If the vacuum’s floor roller is not moving, it may be unaware that you want it to move. Be sure the power switch is set to position II, “Brush Roll On”. The vacuum must be set to this position for the floor roller to move.

How to reconnect a disconnected shark robot to wifi?

To reconnect a disconnected Shark robot to Wi-Fi, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the user manual. Typically, this involves accessing the robot’s settings through the accompanying app, selecting the Wi-Fi network, and entering the required credentials.

Are robotic vacuum cleaners complicated?

Robotic vacuum cleaners, like Shark robots, are designed to be user-friendly with straightforward setup processes. While initial setup may involve connecting to Wi-Fi and understanding basic features, most models are designed for ease of use and do not require advanced technical knowledge.

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