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Ever wondered about the magic inside your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner? Today, we’re delving into how to take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner! Imagine a vacuum cleaner unveiling its secrets, like a detective on a mission.

But before we dive into the guide, here’s a sneak peek: to disassemble, find the screws, gently pry open the outer shell, and voila! Transform from a user to a vacuum virtuoso, armed with the prowess to troubleshoot any woe.

Get ready to unleash your inner engineer as we spill the beans on the art of Dirt Devil disassembly!

Tools You May Require To Take Apart The Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

tools you may require

Getting your tools ready is the first step before beginning the disassembling and cleanup. Because these are simple tools found around the house, you won’t be required to spend a lot of money on the disassembly and cleaning up exercises:

  • Cloth/Sheet
  • Dry microfiber cloth
  • Mild detergent
  • Grout brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Vacuum cleaner

How To Take Apart A Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner – (8 Steps)

You can follow the step-by-step instructions below to disassemble your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner:

  • Removal of the external battery
  • Cover the floor
  • Detach the handle
  • Unscrew the sections
  • Release the dirt cup or canister
  • Remove the screws of the brush
  • Remove the metal plate
  • Remove the brush head for cleaning

Removal Of The External Battery/Power Brick

So, removing the battery is the first step in answering your question about how to take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

To begin with, remove the vacuum from the electrical connection or socket to ensure you have turned off the power source.

Remove the power brick or external battery, depending on your model. Find the battery and remove it from either side. Keep it hidden and secure. Most upright Dirt Devil vacuum models include a power brick. On the side of the vacuum kit, look for the power brick. You will see it connected via a cable to the charger plug from the AC outlet. The power brick should be removed and left aside for the time being.

Cover The Floor

Moving toward the next step is the part where you will use your sheet or rough cloth. Disassembling your Dust Devil might be messy, especially if it has been some time since your previous cleaning, So put your sheet/cloth on the floor to accumulate the dust and debris the vacuum will bring up. 

Additionally, if your home has a location like a laundry room or the garage, we suggest you do this job there, and we advise you to use a rug or PVC material covering your floor because it is easier to clean.

Once you have covered the floor, lay your Dust Devil horizontally on the ground (on the cloth) with the suction head encased in the sheet for maximum suction force. Turn the vacuum so that the handle is on the side facing upwards.

Detach The Handle

detach handle

We can see that you have finished all the preliminary steps necessary to take apart your dirt devil vacuum, so you can get started on the actual task, which begins with detaching the handle.

To separate the handle, you must turn the locking collar at the handle’s base in a counterclockwise direction. Given that it contains the canister and the dirty filter, the handle of the Dirt Devil vacuum is crucial.

Though it might seem easy, remember to follow the directions carefully to prevent damaging the handle.

If you feel that turning the collar is getting hard or is tight, apply a little spray of any lubricant you have at home that will loosen the locking collar. Once you can no longer turn the collar counterclockwise, stop.

Now pull the handle gently away from the collar. When handling a Dirt Devil vacuum, you must take great care in each step to avoid damage.

Unscrew The Sections

The next step entails unscrewing the handle’s various components. We all enjoy the unscrewing process. Don’t we? Now get your screwdriver, patiently waiting for its chance in this task. A screw facing up should be visible if you turn the handle to the side. Unscrew each of the handle’s screws with your screwdriver. Remember to keep all of these screws in a secure place so you won’t lose them. Next, pull the two parts apart using your hands.

Release The Dirt Cup Or Canister

release the dirt cup or canister

It is now time to do some cleaning by opening the canister. Look for a button on the vacuum that you can press to release the dirt cup or canister. Usually, it’s down near the bottom of the unit.

Holding the canister or dirt cup attached to the bottom of the vacuum with one hand while pressing the button is an excellent way to avoid getting any dirt on yourself. After that, pour the dust into the trash and clean the inside with a dry microfiber cloth. Yes, here you will use the microfiber cloth we asked for earlier.

Following that, you can wash the dirt cup in a sink with water and mild detergent (Determine whether washing it with water and detergent is permitted according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the dirt clog does not clear, you might need to replace it). 

Remove The Screws Of The Brush

We are almost there, pals—simply a few steps to the left. Turn your vacuum so the bristles are on the side facing up. Use your screwdriver to unscrew each of the screws on the vacuum’s frame that you can see on either side of the bristles. 

Remove The Metal Plate

Now in this step, Your Dirt Devil should be laid down flat with the head upward. It’s time to remove the metal plate and leave it aside for a while. There should be additional screws from each side of the frame; proceed to remove them. Here, we’ll advise you to keep each type of screw in its separate container so as not to mix them up. You will need these for the installation phase. Pull the metal plate of the vacuum away from the device since the screws are now free.

Remove The Brush Head For Cleaning

So, removing the brush head is the final step that will let you completely take apart your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. Pull off the head of each screw on the vacuum’s frame after releasing the metal plates. To avoid confusion, keep these screws separated from the other two sets in a different container. This portion should be removed and set aside. 

Cut any hairs and threads on the base plate, careful not to cut the vacuum bar’s bristles. 

Clean the bar of dust and other debris using a grout brush. Utilize a dry cloth to clean the metal plate. Finally, dry microfiber cloth wipes the Dirt Devil vacuum’s exterior. Keep the parts in an open area to dry for the night before reassembling them.


  • Removing the brush head allows comprehensive cleaning.
  • Regular cleaning extends the vacuum’s lifespan.
  • Clear hair and threads from the base plate.


  • Disassembling the vacuum for cleaning can be time-intensive.
  • Careful handling is needed to avoid damaging components.
  • A grout brush and microfiber cloth may be required.

Reassembling And Testing The Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

disassembling and reassembling

Once you’ve taken apart and thoroughly cleaned every part of your Dirt Devil, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs. Reattach all the pieces at this point, test your device, and if everything works properly, check if it manages to give your house a deep cleaning as it used to when it was brand new. Start reassembling with the metal bar, then move on to the brush, filter, canister, and handle.

Check to see if it’s working after you’ve put everything back together by plugging it into the power. We hope that you have done an excellent job.

How To Disassemble Dirt Devil Endura Max XL

Tips And Cautions

  • Because it is a delicate item that can malfunction, handle your Dirt Devil vacuum carefully.
  • With the correct kit, a Dirt Devil is simple to take apart. Avoid a lot of force since it may harm the equipment. Gently, Screw back all the parts together. 
  • Take it apart in an open area or cover the floor because we are discussing Dirt Devils. Otherwise, there will be dust all over your floor.
  • Regularly empty the canister because it could blast dirty air into your house. If you have pets, you must frequently disassemble your Dirt Devil for a simple cleanup.

How To Clean Your Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Roller Brush

Cleaning your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner’s roller brush is a straightforward but crucial maintenance task. To start, ensure the vacuum is unplugged and switched off. Most Dirt Devil models have an access point for the roller brush, typically covered by a clear plastic panel or a brush roll access door. Open this cover to access the roller brush.

With the cover removed, carefully lift out the roller brush and inspect it for tangled hair, debris, or threads. Use your fingers or scissors to remove any obstructions, ensuring the brush can spin freely. Check for stubborn dirt and dust on the brush bristles and clean it with scissors or a stiff-bristle brush. 

Also, inspect the bearings at both ends, clean them if clogged, and apply lubricant as needed, following the manufacturer’s instructions. After cleaning, reassemble the roller brush, secure the cover, and plug in the vacuum to confirm the brush rotates smoothly without obstructions. Performing this maintenance regularly will help maintain the vacuum’s efficiency and extend the roller brush’s lifespan.


We hope this article satisfies your search for how to take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Thus, if your Dirt Devil is acting up and has become clogged with dirt once more, just set it down to disassemble and thoroughly clean it; you know how to do it. If you carefully follow the directions listed above, you should have no trouble disassembling and reassembling your vacuum cleaner.


Are Dirt Devil vacuums easy to maintain?

Since they only need to be cleaned once a month, Dirt Devil vacuums are simple to maintain. Your Dirt Devil will look brand new again if you vacuum it or shake the Dirt out of it for a minute.

How do I know if my vacuum cleaner needs cleaning?

You can inspect the outside of the vacuum, where Dirt tends to build on most machines. If you notice that it moves less when you vacuum, it indicates that a new bag or filter is needed. Switch to a new vacuum when there is more Dirt than usual. If not, you should swap out the bags and clean any dirty or worn-out filters to assist the vacuum cleaner in functioning better.

Why is my Dirt Devil vacuum not charging?

There must be a breakage in the charger port if the Dirt Devil Gator will only partially charge or maintain power. The device’s grip conceals the recharge port. Check the port to ensure it is not faulty, blocked, or broken.

How long should a Dirt Devil vacuum last?

In the vacuum cleaner industry, Dirt Devil is another well-known brand name. If properly maintained, their goods typically last about eight years, comparable to Bissell products.

How do you troubleshoot a vacuum cleaner that won’t turn on?

Troubleshoot a vacuum cleaner that won’t turn on by checking the power source, inspecting the power cord for damage, verifying the bag or dustbin is properly installed, and examining the on/off switch for any issues.

What kind of attachments come with a dirt devil?

The attachments that come with a Dirt Devil vacuum may vary depending on the model, but common attachments can include a crevice tool, upholstery brush, extension wand, and a turbo tool for specialized cleaning tasks.

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